Sundays Dinner Cooking – 10 Easy Tips To Cook Exciting Food

Sundays Dinner Cooking – 10 Easy Tips To Cook Exciting Food

Sundays have always been special in many aspects. One of them are the Sunday Dinners at the church. Potluck on Sundays refers to one lucky person offering food for all at the local church. Ever since I have been attending these dinners I remember, most people offered fried chicken. Why only this option? Well, it is easily available at the neighboring food store. So easy, just walk in to the store pick out a few packs of fried chicken and walk in to the church.

As far as I can evaluate it happens due to lack of time, planning and ideas. But imagine, what if you cook scratch out a bit of time, prepare something simple yet special & elegant and offer it in the potluck! So many people would be impressed! Some would be jealous! And almost all would be surprised! So much appreciation and satisfaction that you offered something with so much love and little effort! Won’t you like to do the same?

Picking a fried chicken from a deli or a local restaurant might not be wrong, but, its surely repetitive, boring and certainly nothing special!

There are so many simple & easy recipes available through varied resources that you can go ahead with; for instance spicy taco casserole or the dessert items!

Here are a few ideas 7 resources for your next Sunday dinner:

1. Surf the internet.

Internet is surely a global resource to quench all your thirst related to whatever aspect it may be. Key in the right keywords and you can find several easy to cook dishes at one go. Kraft foods website offers some delicious desserts that are quite easy to cook.

2. Desserts are often a good choice for Sunday dinners.

Sweet delicacies can be made within no time just a night before. These can be frozen overnight and so can be easily carried over to serve. Such desserts that tickle the taste buds of almost all of us are easy tricks to make your coworkers envious of your culinary talent at the ‘pitch ins’ at work.

3. Check out the casserole recipes.

Casserole recipes are often quick, simple and delicious.

4. Try the crock pots & slow cookers.

There are several dishes that you can cook in the crock pots & slow cookers. Just fill it in with the ingredients, turn it on and sleep over. By the time you complete your health sleep, the food would be done giving out a yum aroma and you could make up to the church in a record time.

5. Read through the magazines.

Many magazines offer interesting cookery sections. Magazines offer very healthy eating options such as large salad, casserole, or a healthy dessert.

6. Opt some healthy foods.

It is not necessary to select fat filled or calorie filled dishes for the Sunday dinner.

7. Enjoy the cooking.

It is often said that the cook’s mood defines the taste of the food. So, cook the dishes that you enjoy. Do not opt for any long recipes that feel you are forced to work on. Instead of being helpful, it would become more tedious and the food would get the bad taste of the cook. Hence, do not make it a stressful activity for yourself.

8. Do not repeat the same dishes.

Try a new recipe every time rather than sticking to the same thing time and again. It can make even a good dish repetitive and boring, just like the fried chicken.

9. Prepare a bank of recipes.

I suggest you to collect some recipes over time so that the next time you have to make the Sunday dinner, you do not have to vigorously search for them.

10. Treat your potluck audiences as guinea pigs.

Though every individual puts in all their effort & love in the dishes they cook, sometimes the results are not that perfect. This could also save you and your family from getting stuck with leftovers for a week. And a rather happier option, if you like the food, you can put it into rotation of recipes at home.

Now, those with little or no culinary talents go out to surprise your family, friends, and fellow church members with the correct ‘simple to make’ recipes. Instead of getting on to fried chicken next time, cook up something awesome and get famous with your folks!

Sundays Dinner Cooking – 10 Easy Tips To Cook Exciting Food

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The Secret to Best Cooking Recipes

The Secret to Best Cooking Recipes

It should be the simplest thing in the world, right? You get a recipe, follow it and come out with something delicious (or at least edible) at the end. Unfortunately, cooking recipes can be a frustrating process to rookie cooks unable to recognize when the recipe they’re using is destined to fail before they heat up their first pan.
The secret is in the recipes themselves. Or, rather, the danger is in the recipes themselves.

It is natural to assume that any recipe you find printed has been thoroughly tested and all the potential land mines removed. The ingredients are properly measured, the oven and burner settings are all correct and the cooking process is laid out well and includes every step necessary to produce a good finished product.

In years past, when cookbooks were far and away the biggest source of recipes that could, with the exception of some small, for more details visit to local-press cookbooks, be your philosophy. But the advent and incredible growth of recipe content on the Internet has thrown all that in the dumper. What was formerly easy to trust now must be regarded with a jaded eye attached to a brain that doesn’t want to blow a wad of dough on expensive ingredients only to end up with garbage.

Even if you’re not a highly trained or experienced cook, you can avoid some of the most common recipe problems. The first thing to do is analyze the ingredients list. Are there any exotic ingredients on there (such as durian) with which you’re not familiar? Do the measurements make sense? Does every ingredient on the list appear in the directions?

That last is the source of more heartache than you might imagine. And, especially in baking recipes, for more details visit to it can be disastrous. The southern school of Chinese cooking is known for combining Cantonese cooking with contemporary ingredients from the west. Cantonese cooking is considered quite exotic. This region’s claim to fame is Dim Sum which is snacks. Its cooking style is a combination of excellent ingredients and refined technique. This region’s signature dishes are steamed salmon with black bean sauce, Hoisin barbequed chicken, stir fried broccoli with oyster sauce, and shrimp fried rice.

Second, look at the recipe procedure. Are you familiar with all the cooking terms mentioned? Have you allowed sufficient time? Are there any long procedures, like an overnight marinade? With a little cautious checking, you can make sure that any recipe you choose has a better than average chance of success.

The Secret to Best Cooking Recipes
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6 Different Types of Healthy Cooking Methods?

6 Different Types of Healthy Cooking Methods?

Cooking looks to be a natural skill to others it’s fraught with danger and disaster. Cooking need not be scary, let us analyze few of the primary cooking techniques and show you how simple it really is.

Once, you professional one or two of these cookery techniques, you’ll then be prompted and self confident to try few of the others. Skills you pick up in one method could easily be applied for other.

Simply relax and enjoy it.


This is a cooking process that cooks food in the oven by dry heat. Like a cooked potato. Baking is as well used to describe the cooking method of cookies, bread, and cakes


Just like baking this cooking process uses the oven, but it’s generally used for vegetables and meat. Roasting usually asks some fat added up to protect the food and keep it wet while it’s cooked at a relatively high temperature. It’s better to use tender cuts of meat for roasting and cook it in a shallow tin to admit the air to spread. This will also help in the meat surface turning an appetizing brown. Make sure to turn the cooking juices into gravy to accompany the meat. Along with the meat you can join many vegetable including: carrots, potato, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, onions, tomatoes, fennel, peppers, parsnips, aubergines, garlic and turnips.


This is the easy process of keeping fish, meat or poultry moist whilst roasting in the oven. All you need to do is spoon the fats and cooking juices over the meat various times while cooking. This will help keep it moist add flavor and better the visual aspect of the cooked meat. If you run out of cooking juices in the roasting tin then you can add up a bit stock or wine.


Grilling is an incredibly speedy and easy process of cooking, which is as well healthy. The food is cooked applying radiant heat. This makes sure that the outside of the food is also well cooked and browned whilst the inside stays moist. The grill needs to be preheated and the food napped with oil to apply some protection from the severe heat. Barbecuing is the out of door equivalent of grilling and is appropriate for all the foods listed below though it produces a smokier flavor.

Use good quality tender foods like – chicken, steak, sausages, chops and whole fish like trout and fish cutlets and fillets like salmon and cod. Vegetables such as aubergines, mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes and onions are also suitable for grilling.


A griddle used to refer to a flat metal plate, which was used to cook cakes and drop scones on top of the stove. Today the tem to griddle pertains to a ridged griddle pan alike to a frying pan it’s a ridged surface, which patterns the food with appetizing brown stripes. It’s newly become popular due to its use by many TV chefs. It’s a healthy way of cooking due to only a light brushing of oil being required. Griddling is suitable for salmon fillets, squid, chicken, steaks and shellfish, and for vegetables such as courgettes, aubergines, onions and peppers.

Deep Fat frying:

This is the frying method where the food is completely immersed in hot fat. It needs to be really hot and commonly cooks the food speedily. Better oils for this are Soya bean oil and corn oil but groundnut oil is the best. In order to deep fry foods with success they need a protective coating to avoid drying out. The two most popular coatings are breadcrumbs and batter and these are most generally applied on chicken, fish, chips and seafood with a new fad being the mars bar. You’ve credibly seen this process of cooking performed several times before at your local store. A deep big pan is utilized to heat the oil and a wire basket used to lift the food out. More care is need because the oil is exceedingly hot and it could be quite harmful.

6 Different Types of Healthy Cooking Methods?

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Cooking Cabbage: How to Cook Cabbage

Cabbage is king of cruciferous vegetables in defending the body against illness. Of all foods rated high for cancer prevention, few rank as high as cabbage. While its cancer fighting properties have gained a lot of attention, there are other reasons to make cabbage a mainstay of your diet too. It’s low in calories and has almost no sodium or fat, as you would expect. Combined with its high amount of insoluble fiber it’s also ideal for those trying to lose weight.

In addition, cabbage is as rich in vitamin C as citrus fruits, with all its protective and healing properties. Just one cup of shredded cabbage will give you two-thirds of the recommended daily allowance of this important vitamin. That’s great news because the human body can’t store vitamin C so you need to consume it on a daily basis to maintain it in the body. So cabbage can even help combat seasonal colds and flu!

Cabbage Selection

With it’s power-packed nutritional benefits and so many savory ways to enjoy it, there’s no reason not to find more fun ways to add cabbage to your menu. That said, there are several kinds of cabbage to choose from. We’re all familiar with the compact, light green heads that are readily available. Besides those, you can also choose from the slightly sweeter, yet robust and peppery red cabbage; the crinkly leafed, mild flavored Savoy cabbage; and the elongated, celery looking, crunchy Chinese cabbage, also known as bok choy.

Common red and green cabbage have been bred for storage and longevity so they can be enjoyed year-round. The more delicate Savoy cabbage is best during the fall. Bok choy can be bought through January if it looks crisp and fresh. For all types, look for firm heads with bright, crisp leaves that are firmly packed and heavy for their size. Steer clear of heads with wilted, yellowed leaves or those with signs of mold or worm damage.

Storing Cabbage

Red and green cabbage will keep well for two weeks or more in your refrigerator. Wrap the whole head of cabbage in paper towel and store it in a plastic bag, not tightly closed, in the crisper section to preserve the vitamins. Savoy cabbage and bok choy will keep about a week, given the same treatment.

Preparing Raw Cabbage

All cabbage should be washed and the outer leaves trimmed just before use. Trim off and discard the stem end. Cut the core out in a cone shape and discard or grate for slaw (it has a stronger taste). Slice or cut cabbage into thin wedges before washing. Discard any withered or stringy parts. For mildest flavor and tenderness, cut out and discard the fibrous thick ribs from the outer leaves

Grate or shred cabbage raw to use in any number of different varieties of salads or coleslaw. If using a food processor, use the slicing blade to shred cabbage. The shredding blade will cut it too finely. Try combining shredded Savoy cabbage with various kinds of lettuce in tossed green salads. Incorporating red cabbage adds nice color and peppery flavor to salads.

Getting the Odor Out

If you love cabbage but not the odor it emits during cooking here are a couple of suggestions to minimize the characteristic odor. First, when you are cooking cabbage, add a whole English walnut (in its shell) or a celery stalk to the water while you are cooking. Otherwise, choose brief, healthy methods, such as microwaving, or stir-frying, or steaming to cook your cabbage. The smell doubles with cooking times longer than 5 minutes and decreases its anti-cancer properties.

Cooking Methods for Cabbage

New studies seem to indicate that slightly cooked cabbage yields more nutritional power than raw. Bok choy or Chinese cabbage is a natural then to use in stir frys. Green cabbage is very good in a quick saute. Both red and green cabbage are delicious in slow, gentle braises. Try sauteing red cabbage with red cooking apples with a pinch of grated nutmeg and serving with grilled chicken.

My all time favorite way to eat cabbage is to cook it in the microwave with a little water to steam it, just until it’s soft – about five minutes. Drain the water and add a pat of butter, plus grated sage and salt and pepper to taste. Delicious!

Cabbage may be common, but it’s uncommonly good for you. Your broadest health benefits from cabbage are likely to come from inclusion of all varieties in your diet. With innumerable ways to introduce more cabbage into your diet, why don’t you see what you can come up with today.

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Italian Cooking Recipes is a Fun and Easy Way to Learn

If you are looking out for some fine tasting value additions to your recipe collection, and are fond of Italian cooking, why not take the time to learn more about specialized cuisine from Italy and pick up some great new and authentic Italian cooking recipes?

You can find Italian cooking recipes in many places, beginning with the comfort of your own home, using the Internet to connect to a whole new virtual world of great
For more details go to: and exciting cultures and cuisine contained in web sites devoted to Italian cooking recipes and world cuisine secrets! Yes, you are bound to find what you need and beyond that too for an online search are the right platform that will guide you towards a wealth of information you can use and recipes ideas numbering so many, you won’t know what to do!

Do remember to select the web sites that offer varied and interesting Italian cooking recipes given by professional chefs, home-cooking experts as well as beginners like yourself, all of whom are bound to have a meal option that is suitable for each level of learning you go through. Some places may only offer cooking tips and the pitfalls you should avoid, others can let in you on their kitchen disaster stories so you know how “not” to do things – and still others can guide you on best-kept secrets of top chefs, and you can end up making the best Pasta-dish ever!

The art of Italian cooking recipes is a fun and easy way to learn about using new and varied food items and natural herbs reliance you may have never used before for lack of knowledge and thus, begin on an interesting new gastronomical journey to tickle your taste buds, heighten your senses and change the moods for everyone around.

Once you have mastered the art of Italian cooking recipes and can prepare delicious, new and unique meals by yourself, you can invite guests and loved ones to sample your fare and are bound to revel in the praise and success that comes your way, having adapted these to their tastes. For help visit: The possibilities of your learning new Italian cooking recipes and then passing them on to other novices is also open and perhaps, you can tap into hidden passions to become a professional chef in Italian cooking yourself.

Not only easy, but convenient to make and full of natural, fresh ingredients favored by the Italians, Italian cooking recipes can be adjusted according to the skill level of the learner and the budget they can afford; some can contain expensive ingredients but others have substitutes handy for those on a limited budget.

The comfort level of eating Italian cooking recipes based meals is high and people learn these by tuning in to demos, buying recorded cookery show info, enrolling for a specialty cuisine course or even taking the advice of established home-cooks. Watching and learning from cooking tutorials contained in DVDs are not only convenient but practical too as you can stop and resume your cooking class at your leisure, so learn better

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